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Areas like Mission Bay are as idyllic and packed with sun, surf, and beauty as the movies portray them.

If you’ve ever seen Southern California portrayed on screen with its sandy beaches, crystal-clear water, and laid-back, friendly locals, and wondered if all of this could be real… Rest assured, it is. Areas like Mission Bay are as idyllic and packed with sun, surf, and beauty as the movies portray them, and the homes aren’t bad either! No matter where you’re interested in looking, a trip up Mount Soledad in La Jolla is never a bad idea, if only to take in the gorgeous views and sneak a peek of the house Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) used to live in! Go a little further south to the towns of Pacific and Ocean Beach and you’ll find a well-rounded array of options including 1-4 bedroom single family homes, townhouses, condos, and multi-family buildings. Make sure to fit in a famous burger at Hodad’s, and boom, you’re home!

La Jolla Cove

One of the most photographed beaches in Southern California, La Jolla Cove, offers a different beach experience. Smaller than most, it makes up for what it lacks in size in character. La Jolla Cove is best for snorkelers and scuba divers, boasting up to 30 feet of visibility. Arrive early enough, and you’ll see the sea lions lounging on the rocks.

Newport Avenue

Newport Avenue shares a name with the adjacent beach, which happens to be the most popular in Ocean Beach. Best known for its vintage and eccentric vibe, Newport Avenue is lined with tons of quirky shops and restaurants that you would usually find off the beaten path.


Located right in the heart of bustling Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach, Hodad’s is home to some of the most delicious burgers in all the land. A restaurant that started over 50 years ago on nearby Santa Monica Ave. has grown to be one of the most renowned burgers in the world. Don’t miss out on a chance to take a bite out of a Single Bacon Burger. You’ll love yourself more for doing it.

Whale Watching Tours

There’s nothing more exhilarating yet relaxing as a whale watching tour. Because of the comfortable weather year-round, the best time to go whale watching is anytime – and there’s no shortage of tour options for you to choose from. On these tours, you can usually expect to see other aquatic animals and birds, which only serves to make the experience even more memorable. This is a perfect way to relax on the water with friends and family, while enjoying some of the most majestic creatures in the world.

George’s at the Cove

A restaurant where the vibe is just as important as the food, George’s at the Cove offers a three-level dining experience to fit any mood. Sitting in the heart of La Jolla, this award-winning eatery’s reputation precedes it. Declaring that they serve their guests “San Diego on a plate” George’s at the Cove’s menus vary by floor. California Modern serves dishes from a unique four course seasonal menu while guests opting for a more casual experience can ask to be seated in Ocean Terrace so they can enjoy the spoils of a modern bistro. No matter which experience you choose (both if you have the time), you’re sure to enjoy one of the best meals of your life.

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