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South Bay is swathed in traditional Mexican culture – creating a beautiful blend of diversity.

South Bay is the last major hub in California before reaching the border to Mexico. Due to the proximity, the South Bay is swathed in traditional Mexican culture – creating a beautiful blend of diversity. Encompassed in South Bay is San Diego County’s 2nd largest city, Chula Vista. Meaning “Beautiful View” in Spanish, this area offers many scenic trails and over 50 parks. And with a median home value of $569,273 it’s also affordable. There’s nothing not to love! It is an amazing area for anyone who wants to experience Mexico firsthand while retaining the laid-back beach vibes that are synonymous with California. But if travelling internationally calls to you, then that can be accommodated. Several major vacation spots exist just minutes over the border in Mexico. Take a walking tour through Tijuana or pack an overnight bag and spend a day in Rosarito. Either option will let you satisfy your need to travel without going too far away from home.

Living Coast Discovery Center

Get up close and personal with endangered animals at the Living Coast Discovery Center! This facility located on the Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge provides an experience unlike any other. Living Coast Discovery Center features eight large scale exhibits for you to venture through, getting an intimate look at sea turtles, sharks, stingrays, and indigenous birds. Every year the Living Coast hosts a new exhibit that runs from spring to summer.

Chula Vista Marina

A source of tranquility, Chula Vista Marina allows you to remove yourself from the fast- paced downtown area while using the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop. Since its grand opening in 1984, Chula Vista has maintained a legacy of excellence, enticing visitors to come and enjoy spectacular sunsets on quiet evenings with nothing around but the sounds of crashing waves.

Intro to Mexico Walking Tour

Being so close to the border has some pretty amazing advantages. Spend an afternoon in Mexico by taking a walking tour over to Tijuana. Presented by Border Tours, this guided adventure leads you across the border where you’ll experience an afternoon basking in Baja culture. This tour runs for about five hours and in that time, you’ll experience Tijuana hospitality and enjoy a delicious lunch at an authentic Mexican eatery.

Day trips to Rosarito

enture further into Mexico and enjoy the magic that is Rosarito. Just 30 minutes south of Tijuana, Rosarito is a relaxing getaway location by the sea. Once known as an exclusive getaway location for Hollywood elites, the city has since transformed into a hotspot for anyone just looking for some time away. As a resort city, Rosario boasts soothing amenities like sandy beaches and some of the freshest seafood you’ll ever taste. You’ll want to make sure you treat yourself to some authentic Mexican tacos as well. If carne asada is your taco of choice then Tacos El Yaqui will hit the spot, or if you’ve got a taste for carnitas then La Flor de Michoacan is the way to go. The options are truly endless. Packed with hidden treasures around every bend, you’re sure to find yourself on one unforgettable adventure.

Otay Ranch Town Center

Otay Ranch Town Center is a more traditional take on the open-air shopping experience with a little twist. While you can take care of all of your shopping needs here with over 100 stores, every Tuesday afternoon this mall plays host to a local Farmer’s Market where you can collect fresh fruits and vegetables as well as other specialty items from local farmers and craftspeople.

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