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Vista offers an enchanting atmosphere that respects its history while embracing its future.

“We are only 12 minutes from the beach, but it feels like we live in the country!” - Vista Resident

With origins dating back to the late 1800s, Vista offers an enchanting atmosphere that respects its history while embracing its future. Scoring a 9.1 out of 10 on the annual Best Places Comfort Index, Vista boasts some of the best weather in Southern California. Here, you still enjoy beautiful ocean breezes without the coastal fog, lush greenery and historic ranches. The beach is just a few minutes away. Experience perfect weather year-round while taking in all of the sights that Vista has to offer. Enjoy authentic mediterranean fare at Shak’s Bistro, or take in a show at The Moonlight Amphitheatre. No matter how you choose to spend your time, feeling culturally enriched is a definite.

Prohibition Brewing Company

If you’re looking for unique twist on classic brews made from the finest of ingredients then look no further than the Prohibition Brewing Company. This family-owned brewery is just shy of its tenth anniversary but has already boasts international accolades. Ron and Kathy Adams have created a space for people to gather, sip, and have a good time. Grab a pint of Ruby Red Ale and toast to your good time!

The Moonlight Amphitheatre

Operating as a cultural hub of the entire North County for nearly 40 years, The Moonlight Amphitheatre is the 2,000-person venue that operates in partnership with Moonlight Stage Production. Located within Brengle Terrace Park, experience outstanding concerts, cabaret shows, and stage productions year-round while enjoying the beautiful Vista weather.

Alta Vista Gardens

To simply refer to the Alta Vista Gardens as a botanical garden would be doing this beautiful space, a major disservice. This lush area blends walking paths with beautiful foliage, art installations, and acts as a certified butterfly habitat. With nearly a dozen unique areas, Alta Vista Gardens is more affectionately known as an interactive living classroom. With a mission statement of bringing together people, nature, and art – we’d say that that mission was accomplished.

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