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Enjoy peaceful green hillsides, luscious valleys, and breathtaking mountain ranges, all in one place!

If you want an area that is absolutely packed with beautiful landscapes, then Inland North County is the place for you. Here you can enjoy peaceful green hillsides, luscious valleys, and breathtaking mountain ranges, all in one place! In many areas, wide open spaces allow for larger parcels of land to be the norm, making inland north county the perfect place to spread out and put down some roots. Famous for its horseback riding, avocado and orange groves, wineries, and so much more – Inland North County is a wonderland filled with diverse ways to spend your time. Visit Escondido and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and experience the wonder and majesty of some of the happiest and healthiest endangered animals in the world. Then take the short trip over to San Marcos and enjoy a bowl of Rapture Mac & Cheese at Sublime Ale House. No matter what you’re in the mood for, Inland North County will have it in spades.

Sublime Ale House

If you’re in the mood for good food that’s been made with a little extra TLC, then Sublime Ale House will hit the spot. Almost everything you see on the menu is created from scratch in their very own kitchen, and what isn’t made by the chef’s hand is locally sourced. If you’re looking for suggestions on what dish to start with… Go with the Rapture. It’s to die for.

Urge Gastropub & Common House

Get a strike in the lanes and then strike up some good conversation at Urge Gastropub and Common House. The Draft Beers on tap come from their sister property, Mason Aleworks and their delicious food options are locally sourced. Perfect for larger group events, Urge has six private event spaces that can accommodate parties of up to 300 people - each with their own characteristics made to tailor to your event.

Stone Brewing Co.

Sit and sip some of the freshest draft beer you’ll ever taste. Stone Brewing Co. started out as a dream back in 1996 and has grown into one of the largest draft brewing companies in the country. Book a tour of the Escondido brewery where a guide will take you through the entire facility, giving you a peek behind the curtain at their epic brewing process. At the end you’ll even get to sample a special-release beer in a souvenir glass that’s yours to keep. Stop in at the Stone Brewing World Bistro and Garden for a meal and an additional glass or two of beer.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

One of the biggest tourist attractions in all of San Diego County, the award-winning San Diego Zoo Safari Park is an 1,800-acre zoo that features an array of endangered animals from every continent. Originally constructed in 1972 as a means of preserving and breeding endangered animals for the San Diego Zoo, the Safari Park quickly developed a positive reputation of its own. What sets this park apart from more traditional zoos is the open free-range enclosures, which allow the animals to roam more freely. If you want to spend the day exploring different biomes while having a ton of fun, this is the way to go.

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